Client Case Studies

We provide detailed consultancy advice on minimising carbon emissions

Case Studies
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Recent Case Study:

Chevron Canary Wharf

LED installation

Phillips Interact System

Bespoke fittings

Savings Per Year

Over £50,000

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Recent Case Study:

Something Different Wholesale

1.1 mWh Solar system

with a Tigo optimiser system 


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Recent Case Study:

Leicester Morningside Arena

Solar installation

1000 Solar Panels used

G59 relays used


Over 215,000 kWh per year

We have installed various sized projects in many countries

Here are a few samples. Please contact us if you would like further details


DFS Emergency Lighting upgrade Midlands Factory

Factory sofa production line. Upgrade of the Emergency Lighting circuits to achieve compliance. New wiring installed and additional circuits provided. All fittings offered with a 5 year warranty. 248 Emergency fittings installed, i.a.w. a new Emergency lighting design Completed July 2023
Case Study _0007_Microsoft+campus

Microsoft Reading LED

Removal of old systems in 2 buildings. Provided a LED upgrade of 3,200 fittings with a modern control system LED 500 x 500 panels, down lights and spots, sensors and DALI control systems Carbon footprint reduced by 100 tonnes per year Savings per year £78,568 Completed July 2021
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Unilever Four Acres

51 kW Solar system installed on 2 buildings, consisting of a Pitched roof and 2 x flat roofs. Tigo monitoring system installed with Solis inverters and JA Solar panels. Installed August 2022

Microsoft Cambridge Solar

Microsoft are working towards carbon neutral and to asssist with their Cambridge office, we installed a 51.1 kW system. Mix of flat roof and vertical wall systems, to maximise the space of the roof. Consumption: 40,499 PA Commissioned Jan 2024
Case Study _0005_paypaldundalk

Paypal Dundalk LED

Large call centre Replaced 1828 fluorescent fittings with 1828 LED fittings 600 x 600 panels, amenity lights, downlights, retrofit recess areas with T5 and T8 fittings Savings per year €124,064

G&L Staircases, Neath, South Wales

148 kW Solar array. Manufacturers and supplier of bespoke wooden stair parts and manufactured stairs. System built, provides 100% of energy usage and enables some export back to the grid. Completed November 2023

Case Study _0011_20151110_095810

GT Homer Birmingham Solar

Factory metal production line 250kW solar system installed 999 solar panels installed ABB inverters Carbon footprint reduced by 100 tonnes per year Savings per year £15,000
Case Study _0008_microsoft+2

Microsoft Cambridge LED

Fluorescents fittings in a simmtronic system Provided a LED upgrade of 1,587, 600 x 600 panels with air ventilation at the sides, various downlights, recess retrofitted with LED tape. All fittings were dali controlled Carbon footprint reduced by 253 tonnes per year Savings per year £22,000 Completed July 2021
Case Study _0001_wye_valley_nhstrust

Wye Valley Hospital NHS

Corridors, entrance, A&E and external lighting 774 fluorescent fittings changed like for like 600x600 panels, downlights indoors Street lighting, external bulkheads Completed under Covid working conditions Carbon footprint reduced by 45 tonnes per year
Case Study _0000_car+park+5

Leicester St George's LED

Student accommodation and car park Replaced 756 fluorescent fittings with 756 LED lights LED 5ft tri proofs, 2D bulkheads, spots and 600x600 panels Completed July 2018 Carbon footprint reduced by 75 tonnes Savings per year £27,500
Addiewell Front 02

HMP Addiewell LED

Replace all the light fittings internally Provided a LED upgrade of 5,500 CFL fittings LED 600 x 600 panels, retrofit prison cells and toilets. Downlights, spot and bulkheads Carbon footprint reduced by 590 tonnes per year Savings per year £153,000 Maintenance Savings £20,000
Case Study _0006_P&G

Proctor and Gamble Reading LED

Factory with mostly robots 504 high bays changed to Thorlux Smartscan system Fully commissioned system allowing users to use apps to reduce light levels and times Carbon footprint reduced by 376 tonnes per year Savings per year £82,000